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So, the day is done.

What an inspiring 24 hours! The view from the trolley was amazing, as we went from rally to rally on Oahu’s south shore and met and saw dedicated individuals–many out in the rain–waving signs, calling to cars and passers-by.


Hawaii’s Beach Access Day (Groundhog Day!) happened because individuals and organizations islands-wide stepped up and stepped out to make a statement about the problems they face, and their hopes for a better Hawaii–one with open, free and public beach access. We tried to keep up with the list of supporting groups flying around in various emails, but at this point… we have officially lost count! We believe there were well over 20 groups and over 300 individuals out waving signs today. Awesome!

This was an incredibly, er, organic event day–something that happened because so many people put their talents and energy into this effort in different parts of the islands. Many of them have been working on access issues for years.

Closing thought: We’d like to share these words sent from Rich, at Beach Access Hawaii:

Then I stopped and listened to “Rock Me on the Water” by Jackson Browne…

Oh people, look around you
The signs are everywhere
You’ve left it for somebody other than you
To be the one to care…

That was me. But getting involved with this cause has shown me there are people who care. One guy — Ricky Bermudez — who doesn’t even get these emails because he doesn’t own a computer, has single-handedly collected almost 300 petition signatures, and has been posting G-Day flyers in shop windows and handing them out. Two people have contributed $100 each, and others have made generous donations as well.

Their heartfelt notes though, meant more to me than the money. I wish you could read them, because you’d understand how much this means to some people.

Stay inspired, stay active, stay engaged, and stay informed! On the momentum of this islands-wide rally day, things… are beginning to happen. What happens next is in the hands of all of us. When ordinary people unite voices, when communities get organized and get together, there is no limit to what can be accomplished!

A few places to start (resources and groups working on access issues):

Photos from the North Shore

Posted by kahea at Feb 03, 2008 03:42 AM |

A few photos from James Choon of the North Shore rally:

Update from Kauai

Posted by kahea at Feb 03, 2008 02:57 AM |

Report back from Diana LaBedz on Kaua’i:

We had a nice event on Kaua’i's north shore protesting the encroachment of the Princeville Hotel’s parking restrictions on public access to Hideaways Beach. Twenty Surfrider Foundation Kauai Chapter members waved signs to passing traffic. The response was excellent and even visitors waved back at us.

Most of all, it was way fun!

Update from Maui! Kahului Harbor!

Posted by kahea at Feb 02, 2008 10:28 PM |

Just in: News release from Surfrider Maui Chapter! We talked to them by phone earlier, and what a day! In pouring rain, surfers, paddlers, and fishers braved the weather and waved signs reading: Maui Not For Sale; Save the Waves in Kahului Bay; Paddling not Passengers; Save Paddling for Our Keiki.


The Maui event of the Ground Hog Day Statewide Rally for Beach Access took place along Kaahumanu Avenue in the pouring rain in front of Hoaloha Park. It was one of a dozen rallies held statewide today to raise awareness about the public’s eroding access to beaches in Hawaii.

“The statewide rallies were held on Ground Hog Day to signify that we may stick our heads back into the burrow once too often, said Jan Roberson, Surfrider Maui Chapter Chair. “Until the sad day when only a shadow remains of the places our families once paddled, surfed and fished.”

Despite heavy rain showers, the Kahului event drew a flock of fishers, surfers and paddlers, about 25 at a time, who waved signs that read: Maui Not For Sale; Save the Waves in Kahului Bay; Paddling not Passengers; Save Paddling for Our Keiki.

Leona Nomura, proprietor of Kuau Store, and members of her ‘ohana held an inverted Hawai’i State flag to demonstrate disagreement with the state’s 2030 Kahului Harbor Master Plan, which calls for dredging coral, destroying several surf sites, and taking away canoe racing lanes.

“The state’s plan will displace youth and family residents to accommodate visitors arriving aboard the high-speed Superferry and high-polluting cruise ships,” said Jan Roberson, Surfrider Foundation Maui Chair. “Should the taxpayers foot the bill for private industry?”

“A good plan would not kick the kids out in favor of passenger vessels,” said Roberson. “That’s why the state must prioritize the cultural and recreational needs of the people over visitor industry economics.

Maui event co-sponsors included Surfrider Foundation, Maui Chapter; Save Kahului Harbor; Hawaii Wildlife Fund; and Hui Hee Nalu O Maui.

Update from Kailua!!

Posted by kahea at Feb 02, 2008 09:51 PM |

Way to go to everyone who braved the weather out in Kailua!!!

Kailua Signwaving

Email update from Rich of Beach Access Hawaii:

The Advertiser reporter said he was “amazed” at the turnout considering the weather! We had 40 at one end, about 30 at another spot, 15 at an unplanned location, and another 20 or more at the far end, with lots of cars honking in support and residents coming out to greet us. And the sun came out for our post-rally potluck picnic!

Kailua After-Rally Party

Thanks for sending pictures from East Oahu and the trolley ride! Can’t wait to see pix from North Shore, Bowls, Kauai, Maui and the Big Island… Mahalo to everyone for their hard work and efforts today. You guys are da best!


P.S. We had guys on mopeds and bikes riding up and down Kalaheo Ave. with signs too, and one guy made special “No Private Beaches” and “No More Gates” silkscreened t-shirts.

Niu Valley - Update from Jeannine in Niu Valley

Posted by kahea at Feb 02, 2008 09:11 PM |

Aloha All,

It was a little rainy, but we had a great time anyway! At Niu Valley, we
had Jimmy Pflueger stop by and say he supported us. We had a family from Pālolo and someone all the way from Salt Lake show up to sign wave. But the best was Dr. Flowers stopping to give US candy (he’s the private citizen who gave us our only rights-of-way on our 6 mile shoreline in East Honolulu at Paikō). Hope to see you all on the news tonight! Great work everyone. I’m going to take a nap. (Sign waving is hard work!

:o ) Mahalo,


Niu Valley Sign Wave 1Niu Valley Sign Wave 2Got Beach - Niu Valley

Update from Ahe'ena Heiau!

Posted by kahea at Feb 02, 2008 08:51 PM |

Kona Stands Up For Access to Ahe‘ena Heiau!!

We just got a call from folks at Kulana Huli Honua: More than 30 people came out to educate visitors and residents at the King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel at their Beach Access Rally on the Big Island. They passed out flyers, spoke with visitors, and carried signs in support of cultural access rights to Ahu‘ena Heiau.

Ahu‘ena Heiau is located at Kamakahonu Bay and is the site of the first capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom. It is the personal heiau of Kamehameha the Great, who rededicated it to Lono. Today, the corporation that purchased the hotel surrounding this heiau is claiming they own the heiau.

The rally was organized by members of Kulana Huli Honua, non-profit organization founded by the late David Kahelemauna Roy, Jr., Kahu and Restorer of Ahu’ena Heiau and presently led by Roy’s daughter, Mikahala Roy. Also at the rally were Nita Pilago, wife of County Councilmember Angel Pilago (of the famous PASH case) and many friends and families connected with the Na Kokua Kaloko Honokohau, Ke Akua Hawaii Ko Aloha, Pele Defense and others such as Kanaka Council.

Kulana Huli Honua formed as a 501-C3 in 1999 and has been at their work of providing for the life and care of Ahu’ena Heiau, Kamakahonu as they advocate for the care of sacred sites throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The Roy ‘ohana has supported the work of David Roy since the initial restoration which serves to inspire all similar work in Hawaii.

Mahalo to all who came out! And thanks to Jeff Cho for the pictures!

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