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Learn more about the efforts of the Environmental Justice Working Group.

The Environmental Justice Working Group is a joint effort of the Concerned Elders of Wai`anae, American Friends Service Committee, and KAHEA. We are committed to providing a space where these efforts and collaborations can take root and grow.

Through the efforts to educate decision-makers, community monitoring programs, Environmental Justice Youth Academy, and Huaka`i Kāko`o (EJ Bus Tours), a growing hui of community members are getting involved. Together, we are pursuing concrete actions towards environmental justice for Wai`anae Moku. No matter where we live, we all have a role to play in supporting Wai`anae Moku community efforts, as they uphold their collective vision for the future.

We believe:  No community on an island can truly thrive while another suffers unjustly. We are here together, neighbors in a vast Pacific. To succeed, sustainability must be an inclusive movement--a just movement. This means reaching beyond the restoration of our lands and waters from environmental “bads” to the equitable allocation of environmental goods, including nutritious food, clean air & water, recreation, health care, education, transportation, shelter, and safe jobs, for all people in Hawai'i.

The EJ Working Group meets monthly at Leeward Community College Wai`anae Campus (LCC-W) on O`ahu. For more information, contact Candace Fujikane at 877-585-2432 (toll-free) or candace@kahea.org.

EJ Working Group Meeting

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Our Environmental Justice program has been made possible through gifts from our generous 'ohana of donors, and the amazing investment of the Hawai'i People's Fund, the Atherton Family Foundation, Groundwork Opportunities, Koaniani Family Foundation, and Hawaiʻi Community Foundation in our work.

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