History and Accomplishments

Learn about our history, and see a few of the incredible accomplishments that grassroots action have helped make possible.

Our Beginnings

copy_of_coral.jpgIn 2000, a small group of cultural practitioners and conservation advocates got together. They saw the systematic loss of species, sensitive shorelines, and unique cultural sites, and increasing threats to public health, rights and access--and they called for change. KAHEA, the organization they founded, continues in this call to action.

Our core mission reflects the principle "ho'okahi no ka ʻāina a me na kānaka," the land and the people are one. We recognize that when sacred lands, native species, and traditional access are lost, the cultural traditions mainfested by that place, plant, or animal is also lost. The health and well-being of all people in Hawai'i is dependent on the health of Hawaiian lands and waters. For the future, we envision a truly just and sustainable Hawai'i, in a world where people, culture and native ecosystems survive and thrive.


Today, we are an inter-generational, multi-cultural, grassroots alliance of over 10,000 individuals, with members on every island and in countries around the world. At the heart of our mission is a deep belief in the power of community and collective action. Together, we are successfully pushing towards real, meaningful and system-wide change.

KAHEA is an acronym for Ka (the) Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance. Kāhea translates from Hawaiian as "the call."

Video:  A quick (two-minute) look back at 2010!



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