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Posted by kahea at Feb 02, 2008 05:14 PM |

Aloha Bowls!!

The trolley rounded the corner onto Ala Moana Boulevard and was greeted by whoops and calls from over 30 people–many in red shirts–waving signs in support of free and open access to Bowls!

One of the last publicly accessible surf spots on the town-side of Oahu, the Ala Wai Boat Harbor is the jump-in spot for three choice town breaks, including the Bowl.

But that could all change if the state goes through with a new parking plan that will turn the majority of parking there from free to pay-only. Going to the beach is a right that the public should not be forced to pay to enjoy.

To learn more about the effort to improve the parking proposal for Bowls, go to:

Rally at the State Capitol - TROLLEY RIDE UPDATE 1

Posted by kahea at Feb 02, 2008 04:50 PM |

Hawai’i's Statewide Beach Access Rally day began this morning with wet weather islands-wide!

The rain gently blessed our Beach Access Trolley this morning at 10:30 as it departed to raise awareness about the epidemic loss of public access routes to the beach all around the islands.

More than 40 people joined us for a rally and press conference this morning at the State Capitol that called on Hawaii’s elected leaders, beach-front property owners, and all ocean-lovers to work together to ensure our shorelines are protected, clean, and open to all.

We heard inspiring and motivating speeches from:

Rich Figel, Beach Access Hawaii

Annmarie Kirk, Living Hawaii Kai Hui

Melissa Ling-Ing, Commonground Hawaii

Suzanne Frazer, B.E.A.C.H.

Peter Cole, Surfrider Foundation

Sen. Gary Hooser, D-Kauai

Capitol protesters then packed the decorated trolley and headed to the first stop: the Ala Wai Boat Harbor… where a new parking plan will force people to pay to go beach. Auwe!

Off to save beach access!! Ding-ding!!


Posted by kahea at Jan 11, 2008 01:19 AM |

We’re trying something new! We hope that through this blog, we’ll be able to get information and updates to you better and faster than ever!

For a start, we’ll be live-blogging today’s Hawai’i's islands-wide Beach Access Protest Day. Marti will be (wo)manning the computer, as Bryna, Miwa and rally organizers across Hawaii call and email in updates and pictures!

This blog is a project of the staff at KAHEA: the Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance! Aloha and mahalo for coming by!

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