What Your Investment Means

Ever wonder where your gift goes? Learn more about what your grassroots gift to KAHEA makes possible.

Ever wonder where your gift goes? Here's are some examples of what we need to make this important work possible:

$35 - Printing and photocopying to deliver 700 pieces of public testimony or 700 pages of petition signatures to a decision-maker or public official.

making signs for sign-waving in Wai`anae$275 - Community event

$500 - Launch an action alert or letter-writing campaign

$700 - Organize a community petition drive

$1,000 - Transportation and supplies for a community huaka`i, like an Environmental Justice Bus Tour or a community access on Mauna Kea. Huaka`i get people out on the land and in the water, and are a powerful and effective way to get people involved in defending Hawai`i's lands and waters.

$5,000 - Enables us to host a law student in our legal internship program. These internships bring important legal capacity to our work and communities, and provide a unique and important training ground for young lawyers in Hawai`i working on environmental protection and cultural, indigenous rights.

$18,000 - One community organizer

Everyday, we're working to empower people in our communities to defend the lands, ocean, and way of life we treasure in Hawai`i nei. Because empowered communities are what creates real and meaningful change.

We can't do it without you! KAHEA accepts no federal or corporate monies. We're doing it taro roots-style, powered by your grassroot giving! Please give today!

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To date, grassroots giving to KAHEA has empowered permanent protections for over 140,000 square miles of Hawaiian lands and waters. What an amazing legacy!