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Ocean Protection

Learn more about KAHEA's programs and campaigns to protect our beach, reefs, and ocean.

surfersHawai`i’s ocean is an incredible resource, an irreplaceable part of the public trust. At its shores, we surf, fish, gather and play.

Today, Hawai`i’s ocean areas are facing numerous threats, including land-based pollution, overfishing, and climate change. Inappropriate new schemes to expand commercial fisheries, patent living resources, multiply corporate off-shore aquaculture development, and develop massive new resorts are also on the table.

Better governance and a better future for our oceans is possible! To date, we have successfully won protections for thousands of square miles of ocean and nearshore areas thorughout the archipelago.

We are working with communities through Hawai`i to protect reefs and beaches, prevent industrialization of our open ocean areas, restore healthy fisheries, ensure the future survival of Hawai`i's endangered ocean animals, like the highly endangered Hawaiian monk seal, `īlioholoikauaua.


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