Mauna Kea inspired art

Mauna Kea inspired art around the TMT contested case hearing 2011.
`A`ole TMT Too Many Telescopes
`A`ole TMT Too Many Telescopes, from Laulani Teale
Hanau ka mauna
Hanau ka mauna chant from Bishop Museum, picture and composition from No`eau Peralto and family
No More Telescopes
No More Telescopes, from Laulani Teale
Protect Mauna Kea T-shirt design
Protect Mauna Kea T-shirt design from Laulani Teale, "Protect Mauna Kea and all Sacred Places!"
Protect the Peaks
Protect the Peaks, Noa and Li`a
Hawane playing Poliahu i ke Kapu at the TMT Contested Case Hearings in Hilo
Aunty Pele Hanoa
Aunty Pele Hanoa and her awesome letter to the editor re: TMT.
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