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GMO Labeling Rally GMO Labeling Rally
March 24
Whether you love them or hate them, why not label Genetically Modified Organisms? Uncle Walter Ritte, longtime activist from Moloka`i organized an event on February 21st to bring attention to both GMO labeling issues and the fact that none of the bills that would require such labeling will be heard this session. Uncle Walter reminded us all that it is our job to pressure lawmakers to take seriously this issue. Read more about Kukunaokalā's (our intern) experience--he went the day they built the ahu for Hāloa on the lawn as well as the day of the consecration and rally. See you next year at the capitol for this issue!
Save O'ahu Farmlands - Protest and March
February 17
Reasons to be hopeful after the ICAʻs decision on UHʻs CMP for Mauna Kea
February 07
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Land and Cultural Rights

The land and the people are one. Protecting Hawaii's unique environment, ensures the perpetuation of Hawaii's unique culture.

The land and the people are one.  Access to and protection of inact native ecosystems is a cornerstone of continued cultural practice in Hawai‘i.  When a native species is lost to extinction or wahi pani is erased from the landscape, the words and traditions associated with them are also lost.  

Today, Hawai‘i has many laws and regulations in place to promote the protection of healthy native ecosystems and ensure public access to areas of traditional ceremony and gathering.  These laws are constantly under threat from those that seek to privatize and develop Hawai‘i's public trust shorelines and conservation areas.

KAHEA's campaigns and programs are committed to the strongest possible protections for Hawai‘i's natural and cultural resources.


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